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5 Tech Support Best Practices You Should Follow

Tech support is as crucial as customer support. However, there’s a thin line between the two. While customer support can solve issues and complaints concerning technical and non-technical products, services, discounts, and sales, tech support is usually related to resolving …

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How to Improve IT Service Desk Experience and Reduce Cost?

The term IT service desk tends to manage and support an organization’s technology infrastructure. It functions primarily around resolving employees’ issues related to the server, alongside trying to achieve efficiency and restore normality as soon as possible. IT support services …

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Tips to Ensure a Successful Remote Collaboration

There are several benefits of running a virtual team –right from increased access to a wide technology talent pool to cost reductions. Remote workers are also known to benefit from the advantage of a better work-life balance as they are …

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Role of IT Support Service in Modern Business

Today’s businesses work in a dynamic environment. They operate in a connected workflow and utilize various tech-enabled resources and services to respond to their operational needs. To be able to function at their optimal capacity they need to have advanced …

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