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Running an MSP business 24x7 is not an easy task, it takes lot of time, money and man power investment. There are chances that your customers will get delayed response or face downtime if you are not monitoring your customer's network 24x7. Such incidents can help your competitors to gain business, and you may lose a customer.

Why should you consider having an Afterhours NOC?

Take an example:

  • You got critical service stopped alert in the night but was not able to take action until morning, the client is already furious because of the loss of access to critical applications to finish some important work early morning.
  • At 12:00 AM in night, your client emailed he cannot access application published on Citrix remotely to finish an important deal in the night and send it out, and that's because of a service terminated unexpectedly.
  • Customer waked up in the morning and noticed he did not get any email since 7 PM in the night, and he was expecting a couple of replies. You found it was because the disk had less than 4% space left and the exchange went into back pressure.

Now what if you had an After-hours NOC?

  • Your customer would be able to work in the morning because NOC was able to take care of the alert
  • The client will be able to access the application because NOC could restart the service as soon as alert generates, or client submitted a helpdesk ticket.
  • NOC could clear the space and bring up the exchange services back to normal without impacting email services for the client.

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What do we do?

Helpdesk support

Your tools your branding, extend your helpdesk with qualified support persons and at affordable price

Chat support

Give that personal touch to your visitors when they need it, extend chat support services 24x7.

Email support

Do not let any email support request unanswered, our NOC can help you in extending email support.

Migration Support

Migrating to new technology is not an easy task, extend your expertise by leveraging our expertise in migrating to new technologies.

Infrastructure monitoring

Stay away from worries while you are away from your business, NOC services will monitor yours and your client's infrastructure.

Cloud computing

Your client wants to move to the cloud and you have no expertise, no worries, we can help you with that.


Whether you need to create a new virtualized infrastructure or want to convert your existing one, OffsiteNOC can help you with that.

Deployment & Upgrades

Your client wants to move to the cloud and you have no expertise, no worries, we can help you with that.

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