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A Web Hosting company always feels the pressure of providing prompt and quality support. To stay ahead of the competitors and make your brand, a trusted brand in the hosting industry is to provide easily accessible and quick support to your customers through multiple channels when they need it the most.

Most of the businesses make changes to their hosted applications during the night hours to avoid downtime during the business hours, and that is when they seek qualified web hosting services and tech support services from their hosting company. OffsiteNOC can help you extend your hosting support 24x7.

OffsiteNOC is supporting hosting companies since last 8 years. Many of our clients felt the pressure of providing tier 2 and tier 3 support services to their clients during odd hours. That is why they choose us to extend their quality support during the hours when some of their biggest clients needed.

Help Desk Support

You can extend your helpdesk by creating our team access to your existing helpdesk system, we will work behind the scenes. Our team will be an extension to your support team.

Phone Support

Many times a customer may need fast support over the phone to get immediate assistance. OffiteNOC can help extending your phone support.

Live Chat support

Extend Live chat support for clients who need immediate support over chat instead of multiple follow-ups over email.

Why risk your business? Choose OffisteNOC for Graveyard shift support:

  • A survey by Circadian Technologies shows that graveyard shift workers cost a steep $206 billion annually to the companies.
  • Graveyard-shift workers are prone to make 5x more serious mistakes
  • Graveyard-shift workers are 20% more like to suffer from costly diseases and disorders.

Provide more attentive and more reliable web hosting services and technical support to your clients by outsourcing graveyard shift support to OffSiteNOC. Due to time difference our engineers will work during the day and be more productive and more effective than a person working on night shift.

Why risk your business?

Outsource night shift support to OffsiteNOC

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What do we do?

Helpdesk support

Your tools your branding, extend your helpdesk with qualified support persons and at affordable price

Chat support

Give that personal touch to your visitors when they need it, extend chat support services 24x7.

Email support

Do not let any email support request unanswered, our NOC can help you in extending email support.

Migration Support

Migrating to new technology is not an easy task, extend your expertise by leveraging our expertise in migrating to new technologies.

Infrastructure monitoring

Stay away from worries while you are away from your business, NOC services will monitor yours and your client's infrastructure.

Cloud computing

Your client wants to move to the cloud and you have no expertise, no worries, we can help you with that.


Whether you need to create a new virtualized infrastructure or want to convert your existing one, OffsiteNOC can help you with that.

Deployment & Upgrades

Your client wants to move to the cloud and you have no expertise, no worries, we can help you with that.

Supported technologies

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Every day over 2500 devices are managed by our NOC Engineers
and over 25 Hosting and MSP companies leverage our NOC services to get their job done.

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