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OffsiteNOC is helping companies in extending their NOC 24×7. MSP and hosting companies now can maintain the same level of quality services round the clock. OffsiteNOC can help you monitoring your client servers and hosted servers while you are away. With our NOC services, you will never lose a client because you did not respond to an alert in timely manner. By choosing OffsiteNOC service, you can stay ahead of your competitors by providing extra value to your customers at a very affordable price.

Our Services

Hosting support

Keep your hosting business running 24x7

MSP Support

Stay ahead of your competitors with 24x7 NOC

Monitoring Services

Never lose a client because you missed a critical alert.

Dedicated Virtual admin

Extend your qualified professional support at anaffordable price.

Why risk your business?

Outsource night shift support to OffsiteNOC

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Try us free for 15 days.

    What do we do?

    Helpdesk support

    Your tools your branding, extend your helpdesk with qualified support persons and at affordable price

    Chat support

    Give that personal touch to your visitors when they need it, extend chat support services 24x7.

    Email support

    Do not let any email support request unanswered, our NOC can help you in extending email support.

    Migration Support

    Migrating to new technology is not an easy task, extend your expertise by leveraging our expertise in migrating to new technologies.

    Infrastructure monitoring

    Stay away from worries while you are away from your business, NOC services will monitoryours and your client's infrastructure.

    Cloud computing

    Your client wants to move to thecloud and you have no expertise, no worries, we can help you with that.


    Whether you need to create a new virtualized infrastructure or want to convert your existing one, OffsiteNOC can help you with that.

    Deployment & Upgrades

    Your client wants to move to thecloud and you have no expertise, no worries, we can help you with that.

    Supported technologies

    Need Help?

    No problem! Our friendly team is here to help answer any concerns you might have.

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    Every day over 2500 devices are managed by our NOC Engineers
    and over 25 Hosting and MSP companies leverage our NOC services to get their job done.

    We let our users do talking

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