How to Improve IT Service Desk Experience and Reduce Cost?

The term IT service desk tends to manage and support an organization’s technology infrastructure. It functions primarily around resolving employees’ issues related to the server, alongside trying to achieve efficiency and restore normality as soon as possible. IT support services are mandatory for every organization as data storage and security largely depend on how your business IT support is performing its functions.

A fast-moving IT service desk keeps the users happy. Not only it maintains productivity with functional technology but offers convenience to employees to switch to other tasks without trouble. If the IT service desk resolves internal tickets timely, it gives time and space to employees to serve their customers well.

Here’re a few tips to transform your IT service desk for providing a seamless experience to employees and customers and reducing costs simultaneously.

Build an internal knowledge base

If you want your IT team to be self-reliant in finding solutions to the ticket raised, the best thing you can do is set up a repository where users can find articles related to technical issues and upgrade their knowledge base. The articles can be constructed around a How-to mode that helps a user understand any process easily.

Similarly, you can create an external knowledge base for your customers in the form of FAQs to help them during emergencies. Now you must be thinking about how it helps the IT service desk. By building an internal knowledge base, you improve the service desk’s ticket deflection rate. The assigned agent is not obliged to wait for approvals and emails.

AI-based solutions

Artificial intelligence and automation can increase the effectiveness of IT service desks. In the case of ticket processing, you can make use of machine learning, automation, and natural language understanding to prioritize tickets based on their severity and patterns. AI will determine if a given situation needs human support and, if yes, which resources could be the best fit for the solution. It will make the job of IT service desk analysts easy and interesting.

Switch to customer support software

Many organizations are looking for business IT support services to ensure quick resolution of tickets and maintain process efficiency. Using customer support software can help automate the workflow of agents deployed at the service desk. It can further help in assisting employees by setting up triggers that prioritize IT tickets on a daily basis. In turn, it minimizes late replies and delays in reaching an outcome, resulting in a satisfactory employee experience.

Your employees are no longer obliged to wait for emails. As a running business enterprise, if you rely on customer support software, you make your employees happier, and you can achieve productivity that contributes to organizational growth.

Implement employee feedback

An IT service desk is similar to a help desk that needs an upgrade after a period of time. When you know that ticket resolution is smooth and your employees and customers are happy, you should find it an opportunity to build feedback sessions around them. Surely, you will be able to gather relevant inputs concerning the types of issues, the number of tickets, and how to manage escalations.

Similarly, if you’ve seen a delay in response as the ticket was not issued or resolved on time, you may consider it as a task to investigate the reasons and deploy stern measures to ensure a satisfying customer experience. Conduct surveys to know employees’ satisfaction levels and the amount of time and effort they have to put in ticket escalation and resolution.

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