The Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch in 2020

Cloud computing has emerged effectively in the current enterprise IT establishment. Many modern-day businesses are benefiting from easy cloud data management and hosting services. There are large requests for desktop virtualization that is considered to be the new normal for business interactions. Cloud trends have upscale in recent times offering robust cloud support services, remotely. You can experience a sea change in cloud trends from just being an on-demand tool for data storage to focusing more on service-oriented architecture.

Cloud Computing

With the peak competition in the IT sector, many cloud service providers keep abreast of the latest innovations to capture a hold in the market. The big names in the industry, such as IBM, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure Cloud have facilitated enterprises adapting to the latest trends in cloud computing. Let us dive deep to understand how the IT space is booming at the center of technological advancement. 

Hybrid Cloud Solutions: In terms of providing cloud hosting services, it is necessary to enable communication channels between different cloud configuration settings to interoperate smoothly between services. Therefore, many businesses have moved from traditional cloud services to hybrid-cloud solutions. It is practiced to attain efficiency in the systems with regards to data storage, less consumption of resources, and keeping the security intact. Besides, many cloud service providers have become flexible in terms of costing understanding the long-term benefits of a multi-cloud environment. 


Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud Automation: With the explosion of cloud computing services, organizations are likely to direct their workload to the cloud in times to come. Automation is the key to enhance business perspectives and being productive simultaneously. It is adapted to reduce the manual intervention required to scrutinize the multiple hybrid-cloud environments. Automation will facilitate cloud administrators to enjoy cost savings and effective time utilization. 

Quantum Computing: Enterprises are ready to witness the next best revolution in cloud computing. Many IT giants are working to introduce exemplary transformation in the cloud space by bringing the human-like interaction facility. They aim to build a human-like interaction platform that can take on complex computing with efficiency. Businesses can leverage the financial models that work parallel to sustainable development. 

Effective Compliance Measures: Businesses have understood the risk attached to data practices. Thus, enterprises are keeping themselves ahead to ensure tight security protocols. It includes assuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other protocols that need attention. Data is valuable to any organization and keeping it safe is a priority. Enterprises are showing a firm approach in implementing security features such as gateway network firewalls, identity access management, and data encryption. 

The establishments offering cloud hosting services have captured the market pulse intensely. You will notice several public and private companies adapting to the cloud environment in the near future. With the dynamic IT market evolving constantly, cloud strategies will influence the business operations to enhance the SaaS and similar platforms with extensive features. 

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