Major Network Monitoring Issues Faced by Remote Teams

Remote working is the new normal, owing to the pandemic. The lockdown has made us switch to a comfortable way of working, but it’s challenging too. And if it’s about managing IT tasks, one needs a deep thought. Outsourcing IT services is not a new thing, but the last year was all about managing IT networks and ensuring data safety remotely. Here, remote monitoring became a challenge for various reasons.

It could be poor connectivity, configuration issues, and other IT limitations. Today, we’ll discuss networking monitoring challenges faced by remote teams. Let’s begin.

remote team monitoring

Configuration issues

We are talking about remote monitoring here. It means when more and more remote systems start to connect to your network, it may become difficult for you to manage them. If you think your existing IT team can look into the issue, it may take time and divert their attention from critical tasks.

One thing you can do is to ensure strict security measures and update your firewall rules. However, if you think you need expert professionals to do the job, you can consider hiring server monitoring services. It’s only beneficial for your IT infrastructure.

Data security

While working remotely, make sure your data remains protected at all times. There could be phishing attacks or other cyber attacks that could make the data vulnerable and lead to data breaches. It can happen due to external traffic which may pass through remote locations. How do you ensure data safety?

Plan on installing a VPN setup, offer limited access to company data on personal devices and provide training to safeguard data against hacking attacks.

Connectivity issues

If we compare the network capabilities of a remote working setup with an in-house one, there’s a difference for sure. In a remote monitoring setup, various smaller networks contribute to the network’s performance. One can expect inconsistent performance due to poor connectivity.

In such a situation, handling network traffic may call for an expert’s involvement, as the traffic may come from different directions and sources. The remote automation applications would require high-speed connectivity and communication. It may hamper an employee’s productivity managing a server from a remote location. What to do to fix the low connectivity issue? You should consider server monitoring services or introducing alternate routes and optimized networks to manage traffic.

Network management cost

In a remote working setup, your main priority is to keep the IT system running efficiently. You may have to bear the additional cost of IT applications and communication channels. It is to support the IT infrastructure. For example, you may want to discuss critical issues with the management using video conferencing tools. You may have to incur that cost.

Consider another scenario where you need an application to manage a critical server problem. Would you wait or go with an application that resolves the issue before it becomes too big to handle? The crux is to pay attention to bringing viable IT solutions to the table. Pay attention to the costing but not at the expanse of your IT infrastructure’s health.

OffsiteNOC offers server monitoring services at a minimum price. Their team of expert professionals boasts vast knowledge and experience in the area of networking monitoring and management. You can connect with them for a productive conversation concerning the safety of your IT infrastructure.

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