5 MSP Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

As per a recently conducted research on service industries, Information Technology is expected to achieve a cumulative CAGR of more than 50% over the next five years. By the year 2023, the sector is going to touch an incredible $282 billion mark. This shows how eminently the services and the offerings around IT and the allied services are spreading out to dominate industry practices across different functional capacities and service arrangements.

This is happening as the new-age businesses are increasingly facing the need to serve evolved customer needs and are looking to operate within information-intensive tech-led environments, taking charge of advanced IT practices.

To which, the modern businesses are looking to work in coordination with integrated facilities that power automated processes in a hyper-connected service environment. Thus, they are increasingly moving towards the factors and arrangements that are powered by computing programs, networked devices, and advanced IT protocols served by professional Managed Service Providers.

managed service provider

If you look into the prevailing ideas and practices in the domain of IT, you will see a few advanced practicing traits and services turning into effectual trends. These can be visibly seen around modern IT setups that promote inventive work processes and practices.
These practices are well-appointed and prompted by Managed IT Services around different technology consulting and support roles to help businesses commit to advanced IT services ensuring great assurance of value.

So, here are the MSP trends that have been keeping 2020 busy and are going to be on top of the technology timelines going further.

1. Cloud, Automation, and Outsourcing

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud technology gets businesses to expand their performance capacity exploring hyper-connected digital infrastructures. This exposes them to a larger scope of integrated services that are built on the latest technological possibilities. A managed IT services provider offering cloud-based services can help businesses adopt the advanced outsourced cloud facility to empower their business processes and communication practices across the functional departments and with their customers.

2. IoT and Blockchain

As per a popular study by IoT Analytics, the number of connected devices produced till date would reach a gigantic figure of 22 billion by 2025. The growing trends in Internet of Things would take over a major portion of modern businesses and it would be seamlessly teaming up with Blockchain to create immersive opportunities in the field of internet-based device automation. Leveraging these emerging technologies together, businesses would require specialized support in terms of operational infrastructure, resource capability, and performance skillset. And it is safe in the hands of a Managed Service Provider who can proficiently implement and facilitate services around these technologies.

3. Hyper-converged Infrastructure

A hyper-converged infrastructure includes connected computing devices, facilitation programs, system resources, storage units, and data servers in a networked service facility. Such infrastructure is powered by virtual computing, virtual SAB, and virtual network, and is run by a high-tech process that is endorsed by sophisticated technologies and involve expertise at handing them right. As this would be much evidently there as a part of business operations now, it is going to involve MSP support at expansive service capacity.

4. Enhanced Security

The year 2020 is seeing a boom in digital engagements and businesses are fast moving toward the online facilities. As more businesses get active in digital spaces, online operations become more volatile and vulnerable to cyber threats and risks. Thus, you need to get your business data and performance assets to be dealt with high-security measures more than ever now. Doing this, you need to have contingency plans in place and arrange for enough safeguarding practices and expert security support served by a reliable managed services provider.

5. Infrastructure-as-a-service

infrastructure as a service


Businesses are increasingly adopting the latest technologies to serve them with advanced operational capacity keeping up with the advanced tech-led processes and shifting customer requirements. But, having such service infrastructure built within your business facility, involve a lot of cost and the right knowledge and skills on board. An MSP support provider dealing in infrastructure-as-a-service solutions can offer you a comprehensive setup and support with the required hardware components, software programs, storage supplies, network operations, and data centre facility with a well-deployed service model support – all against convenient subscription-based fees.

Wrapping up

These are the MSP trends that have been actively dominating the IT practices this year. These are going to make bigger shifts and play advanced roles with the growing relevance of IT services in the future. And as we move ahead to take up tech-intensive practices and processes these are going to get a part of conventional routine we follow at work.
The businesses that want to take a progressive step exploring and owning these trends right making a prolific early move, should choose to go with the right Managed IT services. As this would allow them to get a dependable professional support to achieve assured results owning these empowering IT trends.

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